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Why in-person calligraphy workshop is worth the investment?

Because you can get hands-on adjustments which are very helpful to train your eyes and muscles from the very beginning of practice! In this photo, I was using my light blue pen to draw the slanted line that most beginners need to angle their letters better.

Although I give traceable workbooks to my students, they are meant for at-home practice. I want my students to train their eyes while also building their muscle memory from the beginning. And while I am there with you, I can give the adjustments needed and answer any questions that might not come up when you’re only tracing the letters. This is why an in-person workshop is so beneficial for beginners!

If you ever feel frustrated trying to teach yourself calligraphy, try taking an in-person workshop because you don’t know what you have been doing wrong and the instructor can help you practice correctly 😉

I keep my class very small (max. 6 people) to allow plenty of adjustments for my students so I recommend registering early to secure your spot :)

Click here to see my workshop dates.

If you have any questions, send me a message and I hope to see you soon! 🥰





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