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Modern Calligraphy Online Course for Beginners | Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy Online Course for Beginners | Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy Online Course | Pointed Pen Calligraphy | Self-paced


Based on popular demand, I have brought the beginner course online so you can join the class in the comfort of your own home!


I have gathered all the tips and tricks that students in my in-person workshops find difficult and I am sharing ALL of it with you! Beginners and lefties welcome. No experience necessary!


In this series of pre-recorded videos, you will learn everything you need to know to start doing pointed pen calligraphy. We will talk about what supplies you need, how to set up your tools and workspace, and how to hold your pen correctly so your nib lasts longer. I will also have a video for left-handed people with some tips on how to hold their pen! Then, I will demo the lowercase and uppercase alphabet, breaking it down stroke by stroke so you can really understand how to construct each letter. Then, we will move on to numbers and connecting letters into words. Lastly, we will apply your new skill by writing on a place card! You will receive lifetime access to this course.


BUT, it doesn’t end here. I want you to actually succeed and finish this course so I am including a 1:1 live online feedback session where you can ask questions and I will provide a live demo. The private session can be scheduled anytime up to 6 months after the course purchase. Based on my experience when I first started learning calligraphy, I really wished I had a study buddy. That is why I created a private group for you and your fellow students so you can ask questions, share your journey, and have a cheering squad so you can inspire each other to keep learning!


Here is the breakdown of each module:

Module 1: Introduction & Warmup Drill

Module 2: Lowercase Alphabet

Module 3: Uppercase Alphabet

Module 4: Numbers, Connecting Letters into Words

Class Project: Calligraphy on a place card


You will receive instructions via email on how to access the pre-recorded videos and other materials. Supplies are NOT included. If you'd like to purchase the course with supplies, please look for "Basic Kit + Online Course" or "Premium Kit + Online Course" in the Shop.

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