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My name is Catherine and I live in the Bay Area. I am an ice cream store owner, graphic designer, cake decorator, and a modern calligrapher!

I got into calligraphy because I wanted to create handwritten signs for my ice cream store. Since then, I have been exploring the calligraphy world and am still in awe by how big that world is! I am learning new things every day and I love how supportive the calligraphy community is.

My services include live/on-site calligraphy for corporate events such as engraving, leather foiling, and personalizations. I also offer wedding services such as place card calligraphy, seating charts, welcome signages, hand-painted leather jackets, etc. I also teach pointed pen calligraphy workshops and lettering on different surfaces such as mirrors, acrylics, marbles, chalkboards, leather, and more.

Curious to know how my calligraphy journey started? Well, I wrote a detailed post about it on my blog! Click the button below to check it out.


Richmond, CA 94804


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