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Wax Seal Supply Guide, Relaxing Video, and Class Updates!

Making a wax seal using the spoon method
Making a wax seal

Hello, this is Catherine from Everlace Design Co. I have been on and off social media since the pandemic started and my mind feels much clearer and relaxed. I do miss learning from other artists and sharing what I know with other people so, I will try to pop by on Instagram once in a while! In the meantime, please enjoy this relaxing video of making a wax seal. I hope it could act as a reminder for you to RELAX, take a DEEP BREATH (or a few), and just ENJOY the PRESENT moment. This year has been tough for a lot of people. I had to close down my ice cream store that I owned for four years. It sucked but I had spent a good enough time to mourn and it is now time to move on to the next chapter!

During my break, I have been working on several client projects and have been spending some time researching and planning my upcoming online course which will be about HOT FOILING. (Click here to check out the HOT FOILING SUPPLY LIST!)

I have designed some STARTER KITS so students can follow along as they watch the videos in the course. I will be sharing the basics of hot foiling, what supplies to get and NOT to get (so you don't waste money buying materials that don't work like I did when I started!), along with several fun projects using the different materials that are included in the kit.

The course will be available within the next month. I am getting ready for the PRE-LAUNCH that will be available to my email SUBSCRIBERS and there will be a pre-launch SPECIAL PRICE so if you are interested in taking the course, JOIN THE LIST HERE!

Alright, now let's talk about wax seal supplies. I have compiled an Amazon Idea List HERE so you can just add all the items to the cart easily. For more details on the supplies, keep on reading.

Wax Seal Supplies (Full List)

This set includes a deep spoon and a stand for where the spoon sits. You're going to need a tealight candle to go underneath the stand to warm the spoon and make sure the candle is centered so it won't burn the wood.

To clean the wax off the spoon, use a paper towel and fold it a few times to create a thicker layer OR crumple it into a ball, then wipe the wax while it's still warm. Be careful not to touch the wax as it might still be very hot!

Technically, if you are using a spoon to melt your wax, the wax beads would be easier to use than the wax stick as you can just drop the beads into the spoon and let it melt. In this video, I wanted to make a gold wax seal but only had white wax beads so I improvised by cutting the wax stick and melt it in the spoon.

Wax Beads: Snow White by Uniqooo

Stamp: Artisaire

The exact stamp that I used in the video is no longer available but they have many other options! If you're looking for a more budget-friendly stamp, check out Uniqooo on Amazon.

They have this Cranberry Wreath stamp that will be perfect for Christmas cards!

Speaking of Christmas cards, if you're thinking of elevating your card exchange game with calligraphy, I have exciting news! Now that California is reopening, I am finally able to offer my IN-PERSON calligraphy classes again. In order to comply with the social distancing rules, I have modified my in-person classes from a group of six people to only one person per class, making it a PRIVATE session which will allow me to focus on your posture and to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter during the class.

For more info and class schedule, CLICK HERE.

That is it from me today. I hope you are staying healthy wherever you are. Please let me know if you have any questions about wax seal, calligraphy, or anything else! Talk soon!





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